Anti-schalegas-blogger : NATO is sponsored by oil industry!

Just before resigning from his top-job within the anti-shale-gas blogging world Lars Boelen comes with a devastating interview in which he dares to state that the NATO is in fact sponsored by the largest international oil companies.

“I have undeniable evidence that Shell and Exxon use their unlimited resources to keep the war machine going, increase tension in oil rich regions of the world and escalate conflicts in order to keep oil prices high” he says just before stepping down as CEO and chairman of his weekly blog.

“It’s time for me to refocus on blogging on shale gas, because we are now getting into a situation where extra governmental military groups start using their power to influence local politics” according to the until recently completely unknown blogger from Weert, the Netherlands.

“I would love to reveal my sources, but Mr. Rasmussen has pledged to crush any and all people how try to influence public debate on climate change”

Mr. Boelen declares that he will keep blogging about shale gas and climate change as long as the internet remains a free speech platform. He wishes all his fellow bloggers all the best!


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