Extraterrestrials can see planet earth heating up

“Do extra terrestrials exist daddy?” What a great question for this mornings breakfast!

We went through the age of the earth (4 billion years) and the amount of time we earthlings have been really looking for ET (about 100 years). Chances that other intelligent communities are looking for fellow Galaxians are pretty high we decided, and the fact that THEY haven’t found US means (for daddy) that they don’t exist.

“Or they decided that they didn’t want to see us daddy”


“Or that son”

I just realized that our planet is heating up so fast (now 1,5 degrees warmer than in 1850) that ET on the nearest inhabitable rock (12 lightyears away) with a sensitive infrared telescope will be able to see Planet Earth pop up in the 10-yearly statistics : that little blue dot is heating up really fast.


ET’s message to “stop climate change really fast or else” will take 12 years to get here. He realizes that at the pace Earth’s climate is changing his message will come too late. He’s really sad and turns his eye away.

We’ll have to be our own ET’s : “Stop burning Fossil Fuels Now!!”



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