Transparency is the new Utopia

(Guestblog by my friend,  John Berkeljon, CFO of

Transparency is what we all strive for but find it hard or impossible to get.

Most have given up on transparency. Can someone explain the tax on a flight ticket to me?

We believe that we are masters in “being in control” and “being economically efficient”. We  annually spend trillions of dollars on tools and people to stay in control and to become ever more efficient. Is it possible to achieve this without transparency?

For many areas there are al sorts of brilliant tools that will help you to obtain transparency and we see the pendulum moving between secure enterprise solutions and ease of use BI tools. The latest step is to combine the two. In a few clicks you can securely slice and dice all the information available. I’m jealous of the people now working with it. In my previous career I had to do without. Trying to get information from an accounting system, having additional tools for relevant but non-accounting information. Trying to use Excel or other tools to make sense of it all. Once you believe you created the ultimate report things change, tools change and we had to get to the drawing board and start all over again.

Centralisation by integration and collaboration is the key to transparency.

In my current career I come across the same problems as those I faced before. In the world of software testing, the last defence before a potential disaster hits you, transparency is especially difficult. Ask Amazon or any car manufacturer, ask the most advanced banks in the world in Holland how they rank on the disaster list? Transparency is the logical step of being in control and economically efficient. Over the last 6 months we have spoken with dozens of companies in different parts of the world. These companies were mostly enterprises and they all suffered from the same problems. The most advanced companies work with several tools for the different aspects of software testing but no centralised tool to inform the users and stakeholders. The less advanced companies use one of the most famous and flexible tools in the world: Excel, in some cases combined with other tools. It feels like it’s a generally accepted methodology until they realise they have no transparency and therefore no control.

It is really very simple and easy to obtain this control and economical benefit by transparency if you want it. People only believe when they see it. We received the following remark: I have been in the software business for 20 years and I have never seen it and neither was I able to create this, implying: and therefore it’s not possible.

At that moment I realised that bringing transparency is like selling a Utopia. Luckily we meet people open enough to try our BStriker Test Manager and see for themselves and then come back with extremely positive feedback and decide to change their way of working from now on. Some even become scared of the transparency when they try us but then try to overcome this with our help.

Curious what this transparency by Bstriker’s ALTM can do for you?

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Fun with crowdfunding : #BStriker testmanagement software

In January I got involved in Crowdfunding. Not the American socialistic perk based variant , but the real equity based version. I got some shares in a Company called, based on a promising YouTube video and an anonymous tip. The “IPO” was arranged by Dutch equity CrowdFund specialist

So did up I have fun, did I learn anything? you bet!
– It is great fun being involved in a start up, lots of things going on
– it is VERY important that the entrepreneur KNOWS what he or she is doing, that there is a PLAN and a realistic BUDGET
– communication with the investors is very important to gain trust
– small companies can do what Fortune 500 companies can’t : make a plan on a budget, execute ahead of schedule and instantly react to opportunities
– If you are lucky your investment will be used wisely to deliver a working product or service in (or ahead of) time
– If you as an investor have skills that the entrepreneur lacks or doesn’t have time for, offering a hand can do miracles, you almost become part of the team.

I learnt what “burn rate” means (it’s not about Entrepreneurs buying Tesla’s and organizing fancy press parties, costing millions a month). It is the amount of money spent monthly on getting the best programmers in South America to deliver, on an amazing schedule, product after product until the complete service is ready for sale. This only works if you have a CFO who knows what it means to count beans.

Well, here “we” are: Bstriker is ready to launch, customers queuing up. Shares are traded within the coop at ten times initial rates, so I could sell 10% and be safe but…… I won’t !!!

I have too much fun with my coop friends, and we’re going to ride this wave to the horizon. Looks like I did invest early in the next Whatsup.


This Dutch-Argentinian company sells a software service to be used in software testing departments. It is aimed at improving testing, speeding up testing, lowering costs. It will disrupt the testing market once our magic is released : automatically finding and reporting bugs.

Users of Bstriker software will get real time status information about the testing schedule and results. Testers and developers share the same information, feedback is instant.

Why you haven’t heard of Well, we’ve done something unknown in Silicon Valley : we don’t make wind and don’t deliver, we build, deliver, go to market and THEN party.

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