Managing startups : the art of mastering the balance sheet

When you are a junior Venture Capitalist like myself it’s really important to learn the language that describes a potentially successful new company.
You may think that finding the company with the brightest idea is key, but there’s more to this story.

I got into VC because a friend told me she had great confidence in the CEO of a new startup. His biggest trade? He could manage the expenses very well and keep the company healthy in the early years. He had proven multiple experiences with this. So I got onboard Bstriker (via Symbid) and I must say : getting CEO-updates that tell you 1 new development laptop was bought, and that the development op the new flashy company website is done internally and only when time permits instead of outsourcing this expensive task gives a very good feeling.

Read a very interesting article on this issue on Forbes by Jeff Thermond