Managing startups : the art of mastering the balance sheet

When you are a junior Venture Capitalist like myself it’s really important to learn the language that describes a potentially successful new company.
You may think that finding the company with the brightest idea is key, but there’s more to this story.

I got into VC because a friend told me she had great confidence in the CEO of a new startup. His biggest trade? He could manage the expenses very well and keep the company healthy in the early years. He had proven multiple experiences with this. So I got onboard Bstriker (via Symbid) and I must say : getting CEO-updates that tell you 1 new development laptop was bought, and that the development op the new flashy company website is done internally and only when time permits instead of outsourcing this expensive task gives a very good feeling.

Read a very interesting article on this issue on Forbes by Jeff Thermond


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  1. If you have employed good and intelligent staff in your company then you are never short of good and creative and new ideas that you can implement. Its very good to take on new projects with new features and I agree with that with this company has a lot to do for good start up management. Now a day’s most of the youngster like to make their career in accounting field and of course there are wide chance for Boekhouder.

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